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风景如画的乡村郊区, •萨默菲尔德 eyes development to attract newcomers while maintaining its wide-open spaces.

避开野餐桌和阿迪朗达克式椅子, 内森·戴利和他的小儿子内特踢足球, Knox and Bear — who run across the grassy expanse at •萨默菲尔德 Farms, 在带伞的野餐桌前休息,大口喝着葡萄苏打水.

“妈妈和双胞胎在家里, so I figured I’d get out of work early and come over here and hang out,”Daly说, 35, 五个孩子的父亲. Five years ago, he moved from southern Virginia to •萨默菲尔德, just northwest of Greensboro. “这是一个养育家庭的好地方. 为孩子们运动,一种美好的小家乡的感觉.”

The late afternoon is warm but the atmosphere is chill as country music pipes across the field. A beverage stand called The Well Truck flows with beer, cider and wine. 这是萨莫菲尔德农场的一大亮点, a working farm and events venue owned by High Point real estate developer David 沙发上, 蓝岭公司首席执行官.

沙发上, 59, 从1998年开始在这里买地,现在已经积累了超过1块,000 acres divided into six tracts stretching from •萨默菲尔德 Road to Interstate 73. 约680英亩的土地构成了•萨默菲尔德农场, where he raises cattle and grows organic produce for sale at The Market, 整修过的拖拉机棚. A white, gussied-up barn hosts weddings, conferences and other social occasions. 时髦的农舍和小木屋提供住宿. “I never intended to develop it,” he says of the rolling pastures and stands of trees. “But I began to listen to the land and kind of envisioned what it would look like to provide some housing options.”

He envisions affordable homes for both downsizing retirees and upstart millennials, 零售, 餐厅, 保健中心, 和连接该地区绿道的徒步小径——本质上, 一个小镇里面的小镇,叫做萨默菲尔德农场村. “我们正在规划一个世界级的总体规划社区,”他说. “We need flexibility in housing, and it’s time for •萨默菲尔德 to address that.”


It’s not just the younger folks: It’s the baby boomers trying to scale down. “If you think about what young families and the millennials are looking for, 你把它和老年人社区所寻找的东西相比较, 这都是小,”沙发上说. “现在,你的选择是离开萨莫菲尔德.”

▲ The town council has agreed to replace its existing city offices with a new building expected to cost more than $3.500万年.

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和沙发上一样渴望看到更小的东西, 低价住房的选择, 这个城镇以讨厌高密度的开发而闻名. 人们喜欢他们的院子宽敞. 萨莫菲尔德没有自己的供水和下水道服务, 而是依靠私人或公共井和化粪池.

The town has a fire department but no police force; the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office provides law-enforcement protection. 萨莫菲尔德市长BJ Barnes担任了24年的县治安官. 而萨莫菲尔德社区的历史可以追溯到18世纪, 直到1996年它才被合并为一个城镇.

The village started out as Bruce’s Crossroads, named for landowner Charles Bruce. 镇上的印章上有一幅吹喇叭的男孩的素描. 在独立战争期间,美国将军的号手. 哈里·李在一次战斗中阵亡,安葬在布鲁斯公墓, 就在萨莫菲尔德小学对面. 当一个叫约翰·萨莫菲尔德的传教士领导了一场复兴, 当地人很喜欢他,并以他的名字命名他们的社区.

考虑到所有的历史,这个官方城镇只有25年的历史. “我真的很喜欢我们是一个努力寻找自己道路的年轻小镇, 处理成长问题和我们的身份,斯科特·惠特克说, 当了九年的镇经理.

•萨默菲尔德拥有多车道的U.S. 220 as its commercial core, which includes a Food Lion, pharmacies and a handful of 餐厅. 但它缺乏一个真正的市中心.

“We’re largely a residential community with a higher per capita income but very limited services,惠特克说:“. 萨莫菲尔德的人均收入是50美元,2019年,319美元,而全州平均价格为32美元,021.

凯文·默里(Kevin Murray)在美国纽约开了一家名为“跳跃豆”的咖啡亭.S. 220.


传统的城镇中心,在N.C. 150 and Old •萨默菲尔德 Road, is mostly free of commercial enterprise. •萨默菲尔德市政厅, 有着古雅的, 悬挂在人行道上的椭圆形标志, 这座漂亮的砖房可以追溯到1872年. 但去年11月,市议会批准了3美元的建设.500万的市政厅就在附近.

萨莫菲尔德公司的营业范围将近27平方英里. Cruising through town, the scenery is accented with barns, hay bales and split-rail fences. 山羊和马在可以看到死胡同的牧场上吃草. “我们还是乡下,”巴恩斯说. “We have a lot of rural land out here within the town limits, and people like that.” Now in his second year as mayor, his objective is to preserve that aesthetic. “我希望我们能尽可能地保持我们乡村的魅力, 但我也希望看到一些有节制的增长.”


可衡量的增长正是沙发上希望实现的. But to make his master-planned community a reality, he needs a water and sewer system.

他的计划是让萨莫菲尔德团结起来, Greensboro and Guilford County in a partnership to create a special tax district covering his project. 格林斯伯勒将把供水和污水管道延伸到萨莫菲尔德, and residents of the district would pay double the rates of those charged in the city. The higher rates and tax revenue would be collected by Guilford County to pay Greensboro for the infrastructure. As for how many homes he plans to build, 沙发上 says, “The market will determine that. 我们还没有密度.”

库奇还没有向市政府提交正式提案, 但巴恩斯看到了特殊税区的好处. “•萨默菲尔德 gets water and sewer and doesn’t have to pay for it,” he says. Nobody outside the district would be forced to tap into the water system. Providing reliable water sources for fire protection is a long-standing issue in North Carolina’s rural communities. 四年前, 萨莫菲尔德的城镇, 橡树岭和斯托克斯代尔被认为是一个联合的水系统, 但高昂的成本和其他方面的担忧打消了这个想法.

•萨默菲尔德 has historically resisted a water system for fear it would attract denser developments. 尽管如此,州议会在2019年还是拨出了1美元.三个城镇各100万用于发展水利基础设施. 镇领导希望用这笔钱建造35座,000加仑的水箱作为灭火的水源.

沙发上 faces opposition from some residents who fear his plans would overload the roads and threaten the area’s rural atmosphere. But he says he’s relying on “world-class planners” who can skillfully develop the land to protect open space and enhance rural vistas. “你可以创造有用的开放空间, not just the backs of lots and wetlands and briar patches that people really can’t access and enjoy.”


公园和步道是萨莫菲尔德引以为豪的地方. 夏菲尔德运动公园于2010年开放, featuring a multipurpose field and three baseball fields hosting an array of tournaments. •萨默菲尔德 Community Park boasts a paved exercise trail weaving through the deep woods and a gorgeous fishing lake, 蝴蝶花园, 野花田和露天剧场. 问惠特克, 城市经理, 他喜欢•萨默菲尔德的地方, and he’ll tell you he’s “really partial to our efforts related to parks and recreation amenities.”

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大西洋就是一个例子 & 亚德金河园林路, 正在通过萨莫菲尔德进行开发, roughly following the route of the abandoned Atlantic and Yadkin Railroad. 现有的一个&Y绿道从格林斯伯勒市中心向北蜿蜒向萨莫菲尔德. 这条小路将连接拟议中的皮埃蒙特绿道, 从格林斯博罗到温斯顿塞勒姆.

Protecting the scenery and room-to-roam feel of •萨默菲尔德 is the primary goal of the town’s development ordinance. It has been in the works for years, with town council approval expected this summer. 其主要目标是减轻街道拥堵, 提供消防, 防止过度拥挤和“避免人口过度集中”.”沙发上说 his community would help the town achieve its development aims. “城镇不会一成不变,”他说. “它们要么生长,要么死亡. 人们希望我们以一种聪明的方式成长.”

回到•萨默菲尔德农场, 几十个来自萨莫菲尔德特许学院的老师都在议论, 用井车的供品来解渴. They had come for an end-of-the-school-year retreat inside the main barn, 现在他们在为夏天的到来干杯. 在一棵大树下,一对年轻夫妇带着一个婴儿坐在毯子上.

The “green acres” of •萨默菲尔德 are what teacher Sara Pescuma finds so appealing. 一个10岁女孩的母亲, 她想建造自己的房子, 她说萨莫菲尔德有足够的空间. She was also drawn to the high-performing schools in the area, some of the best in Guilford County. 她说:“尽管不在格林斯博罗中部,但它仍在增长。. “但它仍然足够近,你想什么时候去都可以. 人们都很友好,这就是我留在这里的原因.”

The afternoon is warm, the music is wafting and the drinks are flowing. 一切都是随意而开放的. 萨莫菲尔德希望保持这种状态. ■


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