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多山的伯恩斯维尔和燕西县吸引了游客的目光, 行业和宽带爱好者.

About 400 miles away from where his bones rest inside a marble vault beneath live oaks, 勇敢的船长坚定地凝视着日落. His back is turned toward the distant sea that enriched him and the coastal constituency that rebuffed him.

奥特韦烧伤, 他的铜腿上有一条条绿色的条纹, 他左手拿着号角,右手拿着剑. “水手、军人、政治家”,在他的花岗岩栖木上写着这样的铭牌. “他守卫着海洋,让我们的山岳以他为荣.”

Burns was a naval hero in the War of 1812 when he commanded a clipper called the Snap Dragon. 作为一种私掠船船员, he captained three cruises and seized more than 40 British boats from Nova Scotia to the Bahamas, 抢走价值数百万美元的战利品.

战争结束多年后, 伯恩斯曾在北卡罗来纳州议会任职, 卡特里特县的代表. But voters kicked him out of office when he supported efforts to give western North Carolina more influence in the General Assembly. In 1833, he made the tie-breaking vote to allow for the formation of new counties in the mountains, 包括扬西. 一年之后, 当地的地主约翰·贝利为县城捐赠了100英亩土地, 坚持以伯恩斯维尔之名来纪念他.

The statue of the seafarer is the centerpiece of the 伯恩斯维尔 town square, 有砖砌人行道的绿色村庄, 长椅和庄严的树木.

Across the street is the Garden Deli, its veranda veiled in shrubs, flowers and vines. At the Snap Dragon bar, an offshoot of the deli, guests can nurse a Capt. Burns Bloody Mary while drinking in the decor of fishing nets and a ship’s wheel — unlikely maritime furnishings for a bar deep in the Carolina mountains.


伯恩斯维尔, 种群数量略小于2,000, 2010年之前都是禁酒城市吗, 当市民投票允许酒类销售时. (镇外的燕西县(yansey County)仍然没有水.花园熟食店的老板, 格雷格Yuziuk, 现在有机会为熟食店添置一个酒吧了, and the town’s swashbuckling namesake inspired him to build it with a nautical theme. 他在2015年开了Snap Dragon. “5年后,没有人真正开过酒吧,”他说. “I wanted a nice place like you would see in an airport, and isn’t a honky tonk, and has fine food.”

几年后, 伯恩斯维尔 native John Silver  slaked his own thirst for beer in this once-dry town. He honed his craft at breweries in the Asheville area before returning to 伯恩斯维尔 to launch the GG电子官方软件下载place Beer Company in 2017. 这地方比原来的地方长得多了, and in February 2020 Silver opened a new brewery and taphouse in a three-story brick building on West Main Street.

他的“农场到品脱”啤酒使用的原料产自燕西县. The Brown Mule English Brown Ale, for example, is brewed with honey from local beekeepers. 在啤酒厂外广阔的草坪上, people sit and sip at picnic tables shaded by red umbrellas; rocking and Adirondack chairs cluster around a fire pit. 

“我知道如果伯恩斯维尔要开啤酒厂, it would be a lot easier to succeed if it was opened by someone who was a native,”银, 41. “我们就是这样的小镇. We got a lot of good, local support early on from the people I knew and grew up with.” 


到了十月,西尔弗的家乡成了一片火红的色彩. 黑色的山脉, 若隐若现,像南面的壁垒, 然后变成深红色,柠檬色和橘色, 引诱着一车车的落叶观赏者. 米切尔山, 把6,684 feet – the highest mountain in eastern America – scrapes the sky a few miles from the town square.

位于阿什维尔东北约35英里处, 伯恩斯维尔是这座兼收并蓄的城市的人群和活力的解毒剂, 一个容易到达的避难所,自从美国.S. 19E在最近几年被加宽到穿过燕西县的四车道. Now 伯恩斯维尔 is linked to Interstate 26 and Asheville with a multilane highway.

在过去的一年半里, 该县的旅游支出几乎增加了两倍, 据克里斯蒂·琼斯说, 伯恩斯维尔-扬西商会的执行董事. 她说,疫情可能对游客数量的增加起到了作用. “People are looking for a place to get away from a lot of other people,” she says. “They’re looking to get outside of the cities and find a place where they can safely have a vacation. And we used all that excess funding that we got to drive our marketing.”

伯恩斯维尔提供乡村住宿. 俯瞰GG电子手机版下载, the Nu Wray Inn beckons with its long line of rocking chairs on the front porch, 吱吱作响的木地板上铺着椭圆形的地毯, 编织地毯, 还有带有古董家具的公共客厅. Nu Wray可以追溯到1833年,比小镇本身还要古老. 

这家旅馆经过多年的扩建,变成了三层楼, 有26间客房的隔板, 不过只有14个可供出租. In 2014, 两对夫妇买下了Nu Wray,他们是乔伊和吉尔·法默, 还有乔伊的表弟, 埃里克·威尔逊, 和他的妻子克里斯蒂. The couples had experience in the hospitality business, owning the Cabins at Asheville in Candler. 当他们得知这家历史悠久的旅馆要出售时, 他们认为这是一个非常适合举行婚礼和特殊活动的地方.

“我们爱上了这个小镇和这里的人们,”吉尔说. “Every year – and we’ve had it for seven years – it seems to get a little busier.” 


An overnight stay in 伯恩斯维尔 might include taking in a play at the Parkway Playhouse, 是北卡罗来纳州最古老的持续运营的夏季剧院. 1947年由一位戏剧教授创立, 这家独立戏剧公司主办音乐剧, 喜剧和戏剧从五月到十月. The pandemic halted performances last year, and 90% of revenue disappeared. But the shows are back, albeit with limited capacity and mask mandates. 10月,《GG电子手机版下载》将成为主要的舞台.

This Saturday afternoon, the big red building is locked and no shows are scheduled. 在突然的雷雨中, 戏剧志愿者杰里·达昆, 77, gets drenched while clearing weeds and scrap wood on the building’s perimeter. “We decided that we should give the old place a haircut and spiff it up and do all the things that haven’t been done for a year,”他说. “能回来真好.” 

d’Aquin moved to 伯恩斯维尔 five years ago after living in Montana for 25 years. 作为硫磺行业的在家办公顾问, he needed better internet connections than Big Sky Country could offer, so he cast a wide net and found reliably speedy service in 伯恩斯维尔.

Those high speeds came courtesy of the 2009 federal stimulus bill that funded a $25 million project to run fiber-optic broadband to all homes and businesses in Yancey County. With robust internet and splendid mountain horizons, d’Aquin loves his new home. 他说:“这里有不同但非常有趣的山脉。. “We’ve got a plethora of art and crafts generated by the local population. 食物很棒,音乐很棒.”

When the weather is good, Main Street teems on weekends with people drifting in and out of shops. They sit at sidewalk tables savoring lattes and reubens from Appalachian Java. 他们手里拿着Cool Catz糖果奶油店的华夫蛋筒. 那里有一家可爱的小书店,名叫“书窖”. 一家烧烤餐厅的标签是“猪和粗燕麦”. 


Beyond the mom-and-pops of downtown, 伯恩斯维尔 has some heavy industry. 燕西县最大的制造商是阿拉巴马州的伯明翰市.的亚特, 该公司雇佣了850名员工制造空中电梯, 车载起重机和中型多功能卡车, 杰米·麦克马汉如是说, 该县计划经济主任.

Glen Raven定制面料, 一家总部位于伯灵顿附近的纺织品制造商, 该公司在伯恩斯维尔的工厂约有250名员工, 遮阳篷和室内装潢用的遮阳伞面料是由谁生产的. 

A recent addition is a high-tech greenhouse for growing lettuce hydroponically. 德文斯,质量.总部位于美国的小树叶农场计划投资9100万美元,创造100个就业岗位, 预计明年春天开始施工. 

More industry and people are sure to come, because a picturesque town has a powerful pull. 看看那个GG电子手机版下载:“太不可思议了, 它真的很特别,Caroline Musselwhite说, 谁会在YummiYarns外面编织一个下午呢. 还有那些山:“看看周围,”她继续说. “你开两分钟车,就能看到窗外的景色.”

这位勇敢的船长永远注视着那些山脉. 他是个扁平化的人, 大海里的人, who never set foot in the town that bears his name – yet this town never turned its back on him. 

伯恩斯维尔 is like that: Honoring its foundation, welcoming outsiders, and enjoying the view. 


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